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Posted on: August 31, 2009 11:13 am

Tedy Bruschi, You Will Be Missed

I write this blog entry after having read the breaking news story that Tedy Bruschi will announce his retirement from the new England Patriots and the NFL later this morning.  In every generation there are a select group of players you hope to see play forever.  For some people, myself included, that group includes Tedy Bruschi.  In so many ways, he has served as an inspirational story for many in the nation.  I would even be willing to bet that those people who despise the New England Patriots have at least some amount of respect for Tedy Bruschi and what he has accomplished.

From the beginning of his career, he should forever stand out as an inspiration to all.  He was not a high round draft pick, and not even a good bet to make the cut onto an NFL roster.  But he did.  He was a special teams and limited play linebacker, but he made the team.  How many people do you think told him that he would never make it?  But that did not stop him.  I know as a parent I tell my children to never give up and if there is something they really want, they should put in all the effort they can and not let others get them down.  Tedy Bruschi did this.

Into his career, his good, no great, play earned him a starting spopt on the roster where he became truly the heart and sould of the Patriots defense, and one of the leaders of the team.  This is from a man who was not even a good bet to make a team a few years before.  He went on then to be a part of three Superbowl Champion teams.  His adversity was not over yet though.  We all remember after his first Pro-Bowl in 2004, he suffered what was described as a minor stroke.  I am no medical doctor but my understanding is that a "minor" stroke is something that is not really minor by any stretch of the imagination.  Did he let this stop him?  Absolutely not.  Within a matter of months he not only made a recovery, but was back in the starting defense for the Patriots.  How many of us wish to have that kind of perserverence, or hope that our children do?

I have been busy this past weekend and the first I heard of Tedy Bruschi retiring from football was this morning and I could not believe what I was hearing.  Truly I believed that he would come back and be an intregal part of the Patriots defense once again, even if his role was reduced.  Now, I want to offer my thanks and respect to a man, and a player, who brought a lot of joy to those who have watched him play and given us numerous examples of why we should always have hope and never give up.

Thank you tedy bruschi.
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